About Conference

We are delighted and honored to inform you about the Bonding C to Shining C”, the conference being organized by THINQ and its academic / Government and Industrial collaborators, in Mumbai on January 9-11, 2019. An extra day has been scheduled for follow up discussions. This Chemistry conference will feature eminent scientists, Nobel Laureates, scholars and intellectual thought leaders in discussions centered around mankind and a healthy, wealthy and sustainable future. 2019 will see the 100th birthday of the IUPAC. There will be celebrations at the “Prawasi Bhartiya Diwas” meeting on January 22-24, 2019. We will do our best to have a “Chemical Handshake” amongst international scientists in Mumbai.
The conference will provide a forum for the national/international scientific community to discuss, debate, parlay and network for furthering the latest innovations and advances in chemistry and celebrate their applications for the betterment of mankind. It will also provide a common forum for researchers in chemical and biological sciences to interact with each other and build knowledge networks. It is expected that a galaxy of one thousand five hundred national and international delegates will participate. Many pharmaceutical, agrochemical, fine chemical, and biotechnology industry professionals will grace the occasion by their presence.