Travel & Visa

Visa Requirements

  • International delegates traveling from outside India will require a visa.
  • For conference visa, the International delegates would require an invitation letter and approval letter from the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, in addition to other documents.
  • For business visa, an invitation letter is required along with other documents.
  • Please check with your respective consulate office regarding the requirements for a particular type of visa and send request accordingly.
  • We will provide invitation letters to the delegates who that are fully registered for the event. In the event of an unsuccessful visa application, we will refund the full delegate fee paid.

Visa Invitation Request
Please ensure that the visa invitation request form is duly completed, as it will expedite the preparation of an invitation letter. Also mention clearly, to whom the invitation letter should be addressed as per the requirements of the country of origin. For more information on Indian visa application for International visitors, please contact your local Indian Embassy/Consulate Officer.


Travel Information

Mumbai is very well connected internationally and one can get direct flights from most of the cities of the World.
Mumbai is a coastal city and therefore its weather remains more or less same throughout the year. During January, whether of Mumbai will be relatively good with day temperature ranging from 30-32oC and night temperature ranging from 17-20oC.
For local travel, sightseeing and visit to tourist places, please contact our travel desk.